Cross-posted from Cohort21 – October 9, 2017

Goals and Deadlines
Goals and Deadlines


Running is something I really enjoy. Back in high school, I ran cross country and I enjoyed hanging out with a group who liked endurance activities. For 10 years I ran as part of my training for rowing. Knowing that others were training on their own sparked my competitive spirit so I knew I had to run in order to keep up. More recently, I participated in a couple of half marathons. I was never in a competitive position but I thoroughly enjoyed the routine of the training runs and seeing my improvements. And yet, I yet haven’t gone out for a run on my own volition in almost a year.

I also enjoy blogging. It started as a requirement for part of an online course, DS106. Like with running, I enjoyed the camaraderie of a community improving their skills together. I continued to blog on my own a bit but found it challenging to not have a goal or deadline and far too many far-reaching interests. I liked that Cohort21 spurred me to get back at it last year but I haven’t blogged since Season 5 ended!

Somehow, “Just Do It” wasn’t enough. I have SO Many interests – it’s hard to make time to repeatedly focus on any one thing…

Communities and deadlines are good for me. That was part of the power of Cohort21 last year – it repeatedly forced me to focus on my Action Plan and associated issues. I’m looking forward to meeting all the new participants and getting back into a bit of a writing regimen. Watch this space!

Now, I need to sign up for a run in the spring to focus on that too… Anyone else in need of a goal and repeated check ins? Want to join me?


Behind the Scenes – aka. the teacher in me:

  1. Took photo of my running shoes and laptop with my phone
  2. Used Enlight app to create “sketch” effect
  3. Airdropped the photo to my laptop
  4. Uploaded the photo to flickr
  5. Used Embed code from flickr to link photo to blog (and, hopefully, improve load time)