I don’t even remember how I came across ds106 for the first time… but it has been a great place to drop in and participate once in a while!

Happy New Year 2011

Winter 2011: I started to think about the web as a place to exchange ideas and be creative rather than just consumption and played around with WordPress, drawing apps and After Effects.

2012/366/117 Gear for #ds106 Summer Camp

Summer 2012: Being off for the summer, I managed to complete much more of Magic MacGuffin (though rarely by the due dates), fooled around with Audacity, really learned iMovie and started to link the tools I was using and provocations in the ds106 assignments to what I was teaching. Too bad the Minecraft experiment didn’t work out…

Merry Hacksters Title DS06

Fall 2013: At some point I felt the need to be a little creative so I dropped in to see what was happening over at ds106. Prep for the radio shows was just getting started so I signed up and helped create a radio show with the Merry Hacksters and got a bit of a handle on Garageband.

Spring has Sprung

Spring 2014: I’m now looking forward to seeing how this new round of ds106 develops and linking it to a project or two at work. Here’s to finally completing the photo and/ or design portion weeks!

Image Credits:

Happy New Year CC licensed (BY-NC-ND 2.0) 2010 via idua_japan’s flickr photostream

Gear for ds106 Summer Camp CC licensed (BY-SA) 2012 via Alan Levine’s flickr photostream

Merry Hacksters Title DS06 CC licensed (BY-NC-SA) 2013 via Kevin Hodgson’s flickr photostream