I finally understand why, when I was learning about teaching writing to students, that it was so often mentioned that writers carry notebooks with them everywhere. I always wondered what they would be writing in those books…
One of Bob McQuillen's notebooks

I always assumed that it was about fictional writing (and I suppose it could be…) But what I am now finding, just five days into this #28daysofwriting project, is that it would be fantastic to be able to consult a list of things I might possibly want to write about! So this might be a bit of a cop out for a blog post but, here goes:

My List of Possible Writing Topics – a beginning
How and why we decided on our device configuration for 1:1
Teaching animation from K-5
Electronic portfolios in kindergarten Global collaboration through blogging in grade 2
Storytelling in grade one
PYP exhibition – documenting the learning process
PYP exhibition – digital storytelling tools
Making thinking visible – students
Making thinking visible – adults
Design thinking – classroom applications
Professional learning communities at school
Service learning and taking action – it’s okay to be strategic
Action research together with students
Partnering with students – our experience with selecting apps

Well, that should help for the next little while!