So I had my Goals Meeting… it’s interesting how a conversation can change things.

Planning for my goals meeting provided a good chance to reflect on last year. In addition to my regular job of teaching students and supporting teachers, there were several large things that I worked on in 2015-16:

  • Utilized a design thinking process to chair a committee to develop a Classroom Renewal plan
  • Revised the K-7 ICT Philosophy
  • Wrote Tech Standards for K-7
  • Provided some MYP support about unit planning and teaching through inquiry
  • Wrote book on teaching through Inquiry
  • Started to explore ePortfolio platforms
  • Helped roll over all student devices

This year I am planning to continue the following:

  • Leading workshops related to Bold School book
  • Moderating #pypchat every other Wednesday evening
  • Supporting MYP teachers as they continue to explore teaching through inquiry
  • Supporting Primary teachers as they trial ePortfolios

I settled on the following as my official goals:

Utilize an ePortfolio platform for myself to document and reflect on my learning and growth
Communicate to parents the ‘vision to support mission’ we developed for ICT last year as part of the ICT Philosophy revision (including multiple classroom examples to celebrate what we already do) and work with teachers to implement this vision and inspire the use of technology as an object to think with
Figure out Managebac and it’s challenges/ opportunities for PYP unit planning, portfolios and reporting processes


Modified version of: Justin Norman. Anti-Torture Vigil – Week 18. 2010. CC-licensed (BY-NC-SA) via Accessed Nov 7, 2016.

But… my really personal goal is to blog regularly. It seems so simple but I have taken so many stabs at blogging and none have stuck. I am hoping that but putting this out there as an intended goal I will feel some peer pressure to actually accomplish this. I am looking to you to hold me accountable!

Inquiring Minds Want to Know:

  1. How do regular bloggers do it? How do you schedule the writing of your posts? Are they impromptu? Or do you have a set writing schedule or plan? How do you determine which topics you might blog about? I feel like there are a thousand ideas in my head and settling on just one to blog about is a challenge.
  2. I want to analyze the blogs I enjoy reading to see how they are written and how they are laid out.


Behind the Scenes:Using Path On

To create the image above, I went to and looked for “megaphone” images on flickr. I downloaded the image to my laptop.

I then realized that I wanted to add text in an arc. I remembered that I had an app on my phone called Path On that would allow me to easily do this.  So, on my phone, I opened my flickr app and searched for the same image and saved it to my Photos.

I then opened the Path On app and drew two arcs for the text.

I documented the process using PicCollage on my phone. This worked well but, because I created it on my phone, the image to the right is a bit blurry. I wonder if I could have exported a better quality version…?