As the title suggests, today’s Style Cure task was to learn about colour. One thing that I learned was that green and purple are considered transition colours that can be considered either warm or cold depending on how much red, yellow or blue are in them.

CC licensed (BY-NC-SA) via Bruno Adele’s flickr photostream

I’m not sure about the whole warm colours for social areas and cool colours for more individual areas. I have rarely liked red or yellow walls. In fact, I want to get rid of the yellow undertones in my current dining room. What I really like is being outdoors and I find that I like to linger in spaces with neutral colours. After looking at my inspirational photographs and my Pinterest Inspiration board I was considering nordic blue to brighten my dark dining room. I was hoping that, together with some linens, textures and hits of orange, this could give the room a comfortable beachy, cottagy or scandinavian feel. Am I crazy? Should I reconsider and use a warm white or very pale orange on the walls instead?

Ever so slightly blue walls with a lot of neutrals and textures