Slipcover Project Decision: grey linen

My textile decision was relatively simple. I brought home 4 samples of linen and a Belgian grey was perfect for my chairs. Interestingly, it isn’t what I would have picked if I had to commit to one fabric in the store. Surprisingly, it was a bigger challenge to find a slipcover pattern that I liked. I finally settled on using and adapting these descriptions: Easy Sew Dining Chair Covers and Making Dining Chair Slipcovers. What I really like is the lace-up back in the image below. I might need to get some help on sewing that!

Modern Chair Decision: Eames knock-offs on sale!

I want to add some modern chairs. While out paint-shopping, I found these. I think they’d look good in a matte finish and with the eiffel legs.
Eames armchair knock-off

Reading Chair Decision: a winter project

I also want to add a comfortable reading chair. I have an old butterfly chair frame that would be awesome in a faux leather with a faux fur throw. That might be a project for another month…

Inspirational reading chair

Paint Decision: Farrow and Ball Pavilion Blue

Sometimes not having options is better. I went to Farrow and Ball, my favourite paint supplier, and asked them what paint colour best matched my inspiration picture. I should have left after getting their first recommendation but no… The sales assistant gave me another option and  I agonized for days between Pavilion Blue and Cabbage White!

I could have randomly picked either one and it would be a huge improvement over the colour we currently have but instead I looked at each shade in different places around the room, with different textiles, with the lights on and off. Just the one that matched the picture would have been perfect. Pavilion Blue (the initial recommendation) seems to be the perfect chameleon for someone who can’t make up their mind!

Time to get to work!

F&B Pavillion Blue – a chameleon
Looks blue here
Looks grey here
Looks green here