I have always claimed that I am not a morning person but, really, I’m just not a quick riser. I love to wake up, read for an hour, lounge over a slow breakfast, read some more and then start my day about 2-3 hours after waking up. Clearly, this doesn’t work well with being at a job at 8:00. However, it was the perfect thing last Saturday.

On Saturday, I woke up and looked at a bookshelf in my bedroom. It occurred to me that I could move that bookshelf to the dining room for all my cookbooks which are currently in a relatively inaccessible space and without a good place to read them. That quickly led to the following plan for my dining room.


  • angle the table
  • flip flop the sideboard and bar
  • move floor lamp to beside bar
  • add the carpet from basement (clean it first)
  • place an old woven shopping basket with broken strap between chair and lamp with a blanket
  • move shelving from the bedroom to fireplace niche for cookbooks

Buy/ Make

  • add textured or glass table lamp to sideboard
  • comfy chair in junk corner – perhaps wicker (or make new leather cover for old butterfly chair)
  • 2 modern chairs at table
  • cover two dining chairs with linen slipcovers
  • add burlap curtains
  • paint walls
  • is a more textured lamp needed?
  • large plant in current dead plant corner? or under windows?
  • move wall shelf from laundry room to dining room with new doors and add/ paint new colour

Here’s the new plan for my “cured” dining room. I’m not sure that it is better but any change is currently welcome!